Vietnamese people in rural area get rich from agriculture

Five years ago, agriculture and localities started implementing the Decision No. 899 of the Prime Minister approving the project of restructuring the agriculture sector in the direction of increasing value added and development. After 5 years of restructuring, the production of agriculture has been remarkably increased. The export turnover of the whole industry reached a record of USD 36.3 billion (2017), a 13% increase compared to 2016, proving project in the right direction.

Agriculture has become the support of the national economy. Thanks to the adjustment of the production structure in the direction of increasing the proportion of industries and products with advantages and markets such as aquatic products, vegetables, flowers, tropical fruits, high value industrial trees, furniture and forestry. The export turnover of agriculture, forestry and fishery in the past year has impressive growth. Continuing the growth rate in 2017, in the first quarter 2018, export turnover reached 8.7 billion, up to 9.6% over the same period in 2017.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the restructuring process has also recognized the breakthrough in productivity and quality of most key crops through the use of new varieties and intensive farming measures. adv. Over the four years (2013-2016), the production value of cultivation increased by 1.54% per year on average. The value of products per hectare of arable land in 2016 is estimated at VND86 million (up VND13.2 million compared to 2012). In particular, the average income of rural people has increased from VND18.6 million/person in 2012 to VND29.2 million / person in 2016, which is a particularly impressive achievement.

It is the positive side of restructuring, but this process is not just reaping the sweetness. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong acknowledged that the process of restructuring the agriculture sector is also showing the limitations and weaknesses that need to be overcome.

For example, the restructuring of the agricultural sector has been slow, the results have not met the practical requirements, causing the industry growth is not stable. To occur such situation because many localities have not clearly planned, determine the structure and product advantages are not appropriate, the status of production exceeded the planning and the movement caused the situation was devalued still going on.

The lowest point probably lies in labor productivity. In fact, the productivity, quality and competitiveness of many agricultural products in our country is very low, especially in the context of our country's international integration deepening, while natural disasters, climate change is always Stalking people can be empty at any time. Meanwhile, the application of high technology, modern technology in agricultural production, processing and preservation is too slow, not create "breakthrough" is also a barrier that makes Vietnamese agricultural products difficult to find a place.

Another barrier that are not able to be overlooked is that the form of agricultural production is rather fragmented, hindering the process of industrialization - modernization of agriculture if we do not timely remove this obstruction by land policy. The area is difficult to take off.

In order to remove the barriers that keep agricultural sector going, Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong said that it is necessary to continue researching and perfecting mechanisms and policies to create new impetus for agricultural development, To create favorable conditions for the economic sectors, especially farmers and enterprises to access more land, capital and markets to invest in agricultural production and rural development. At the same time, to review and adjust the strategy, planning, scale and structure of production in line with the advantages, market demand and adaptation to climate change.

Particularly, to continue innovating and developing appropriate and effective production forms, focusing on the development of agricultural enterprises; to promote the renewal and development of agricultural cooperatives; Developing forms of cooperation, linking production and consumption of agricultural products along the value chain, linking with the global consumption system. This will create real breakthroughs for the agricultural sector.

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