Improving Agricultural Techniques for Citrus Production

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development suggests the innovation in agricultural technology for citrus production
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At present, citrus care technology is still limited. Productivity and quality do not reflect the full potential of the variety due to the following reasons: fertilization techniques are not balanced, reasonable; Pesticides are not properly implemented; farmers use too much pesticides; Moisture management techniques are not guaranteed.

Many of the causes, especially the backwardness of agricultural techniques, lead to low productivity, rapid degradation and especially pesticide residues on large products, affecting consumers' health.

In order to improve agricultural productivity, quality and efficiency of citrus production, a number of measures to improve agricultural techniques have been applied:

1. Apply advanced, economical watering techniques in agriculture

The drip irrigation system used in agriculture is quite simple including a pump or water tower, impeller filter or waste treatment system, fertilizer or nutrient system, pipeline and drip irrigation. . Pumps and exhaust valves can be controlled manually or automatically by computer. Nowadays, drip irrigation has been the most economical method of watering and irrigation in the agricultural sector of many countries.

Instantly, in Quy Hop district, Nghe An province, farmers have implemented the orange cultivation model in the direction of VietGAP, using advanced and economical irrigation technology, the yield, value and efficiency of economic development. The production of the oranges in Dao commune when harvesting now are in the good shape with high quality. Productivity of agricultural products reached 39.3 tons / ha, up 8.7 tons / ha, equivalent to 30.5%.

2. Application of measures to prevent fruit flies in the improvement of agricultural techniques

In the process of agricultural production, the fruit trees from the time when the fruits to harvest are often some insect pests, worms, diseases such as yellow fly fruit, white spider make bad fruit, rotten fruit, fall resulting in reduced productivity, quality and economic efficiency of the local economy.

The use of chemical drugs to prevent more or less leave the pesticide residue for the product, affecting the quality of fruits, health for the producers as well as consumers.

In addition, the process of growth and development is affected by many external factors in which the hot summer sunshine and high air temperature makes the fruit very easy to burn. Therefore, the use of dedicated fruit bags is very necessary.

3. Application of foliar application in agricultural technique improvement

Agricultural crops are rooted in nutrients, and leaf nutrients can be obtained through the stomata and cuticle (mainly through stomata). When using foliar fertilizers, the plant can absorb up to 90-95% of nutrients in the stool and is estimated to be one ton of effective foliar spray applied to 20 tons of underground fertilizer. Improving this technique could, therefore, increase farm productivity, reduce production costs, and promote the development of the local agricultural economy.

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Source: Agriculture and Rural Development