Gia Lai focuses on expanding and developing agricultural cultivation area

Construction of many crop fields is a new direction for agricultural development in Gia Lai
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The construction of large fields specializing in cultivation is the new direction of agriculture in Gia Lai province in recent years. This is also considered as an important step in changing the process of production, gradually moving towards modern, sustainable development, increasing productivity, quality and efficiency, contributing to positive changes in the life of farmers and new agricultural development.

Gia Lai province has an agricultural long-standing tradition, inherited a large rice cultivation area with more than 6,000 ha, Ayun Ha irrigation works have irrigation capacity of 13,500 ha. Phu Thien district is famous for not only rice bowl of Gia Lai but also the Central Highlands. However, because of the tradition of traditional farmers, the productivity is not high. The percentage of poor households in Phu Thien is for nearly 34% of the total, with 24 hamlets and villages facing extreme hardship. To escape poverty, from 2016, Phu Thien district develops the agricultural development model by building large fields on rice.

Through the implementation of agricultural development through a single rice paddy field model, the quality of rice seeds are more quality than those of the commercial ones. Therefore, the enterprises buy the agricultural products, thus creating the link. Farmers and businesses should ensure a stable and long-term market for agricultural products.

From the initial success in rice farming, in 2017, Phu Thien district in collaboration with Thanh Thanh Cong Sugarcane Factory, Gia Lai to build large sugarcane fields and select four villages and village A - minority ethnic minority in Chu A Thai commune to experiment 80 hectares. Many sugarcane plants have been built and invested right here, with many modern machinery and equipment supporting agricultural production. As planned, the sugarcane plantation area will increase to 5,000 hectares by 2020. In order to complete this plan, the plant regularly invests in and improves mechanical equipment to suit the conditions and terrain of each field, scale up the use of mechanization in production. The plant has purchased more than 150 specialized tractors, more than 400 equipment for land preparation, planting, and fertilization.

The development of agriculture by building large fields in Gia Lai is the right direction, creating a large-scale agricultural product value chain, contributing to ensuring harmony between the interests of the State, people and businesses to promote the local agricultural sector.

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