The development of Agriculture helping poverty in Son La thanks to Son tra (hawthorn)

Farmers in Son La, Dien Bien are being supported in agriculture by the state for hunger elimination and poverty alleviation in spite of cold weather and sloping land, which is difficult to cultivate due to the intensive farming of hawthorn (thorn-apple), growing high above 1200m.

A few years ago, agricultural production based on hawthorn tree was not yet discovered, people only purchased about 6000-7000 VND for a full load. However, nowadays, entrepreneurs start to buy this fruit for processing wine, confectionery or selling in big cities, causing the price of the fruit to increase strongly. Sometimes, the price can reach 85,000 - 90,000 VND due to high demand but not enough to supply.

Agricultural development in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam is always difficult due to extremely harsh weather conditions, eroded land due to sloping hills. People's lives are still very difficult due to natural disasters such as forest fires and landslides which cause both human and property damage.

Hawthorn trees have a great effect not only the agricultural development of the area but also landslide and forest fire.

Regional development for agriculture:

Fruit 10 years ago only served as a kind of snack, soaking or soaking wine of people. Although the high yield of hawthorn is still low, it has not been paid much attention in agricultural development.

However, in recent years, many agricultural producers have discovered the great potential of this fruit. The sweet and sour taste is extremely suitable for soaking wine or making candy. In addition, few people have known that hawthorns are also medicines in traditional medicines, treatment of digestive disorders, good for the digestive system and cardiovascular. Demand for hawthorn skyrocketing helps agricultural Son La province flourishing.

At present, people have developed agricultural development through the planting of hawthorn trees in thousands of hectares of bare hills, bringing high profit from this agricultural products. The living standards of the people have improved significantly.

Environmental protection:

Apart from the important influence on the agriculture of the province, the hawthorn trees also play the role of protecting the environment, soil preservation, water retention and anti-erosion in hilly areas, creating conditions for people to clear and develop agriculture.

Over the past time, provincial officials have been active in supporting cooperative groups and cooperatives in the area to cultivate, grow, link production, promote agriculture from growing hawthorn trees. At the same time, the district is actively participating in promotion activities, promoting the consumption of agricultural products organized by the province; inviting and creating favorable conditions for agricultural - processing enterprises to participate.

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