Vocational training for agricultural development in Ha Tinh

Vocational training in agricultural process brings high economic efficiency in Tuong Son commune

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Ha Tinh has been damaged by natural disasters and landslides, which has seriously affected people's lives and severely destroyed crops and productivity here. In order to respond as well as improve the life and income of farmers here, the government has proposed stimulus policies and vocational training for Ha Tinh’s people. Thanks to vocational training, the majority of farmers have got a clearer view of the agricultural production process, the application of scientific and technical advances in cultivation and the cost of agricultural production to raise the price for agricultural products.

After several years applying vocational training, Ha Tinh province has achieved lots of goals:

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ba in Huong Tan hamlet, Duc Huong commune (Vu Quang) reported that the family's annual income has increased significantly, reaching over 800 million (Vietnam Dong) with a profit of 1/3. This result is due to the fact that his family has applied knowledge in vocational training in agricultural production. It is known that Ha Tinh has a lot of unused land, so the provincial committee has proposed the restructuring of agricultural process with the support policies of the province.

Chairman of Lai Thuy Duong Kim Hong Farmers Association said: "Recently, all levels of the Association have orientated and consulted policies and policy approaches so that people can develop their economy and increase their incomes. The association built many models of agricultural economy applying advanced scientific and technological advances, producing according to VietGap standards. At the same time, they mobilize members to set up dozens of cooperative groups and agricultural service cooperatives, creating jobs for thousands of employees. "

Also, the associations have mobilized members to plan and organize the production of specialized vegetable areas in Tuong Son, Thach Lien, Bac Son communes. The average income for agricultural products is 100-200 million VND / ha. The Renovation of hundreds of gardens for income from 50 - 100 million VND / garden / year; flower production, ornamental plants in Bac Son, Thach Vinh ... In particular, Northwest Thach Ha has built farm economy models; Orange, grapefruit in the direction of VietGap associated with labeling, brand name Orange Ngoc Son; Introducing new varieties such as Phuc Trach pomelos, Dien pomelo, red dragon fruit bring high agricultural economic efficiency.

Over the past time, trades in agricultural cultivation for rural workers in Ha Tinh are mainly: citrus planting techniques; gardening techniques ... And especially the vocational training program for rural workers in Ha Tinh associated with the building of cooperative groups, cooperatives and loan support services. This is the "springboard" for farmers to get rich on the strength of the region.

In the whole country, provincial leaders also have many plans for vocational training in agricultural products such as rubber plantation, potato cultivation, sugarcane plantation, medicinal plants, tea processing in the direction of VietGAP, planting high-tech melon, using agricultural machines. After a while, the developed agricultural provinces and cities were applied for high productivity and labor efficiency and significantly increased the income of farmers.

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Source: baohatinh.vn