Tractors / Transport Vehicles and Loading Machines
  • Wheeled/Crawler/System tractors

  • Compact/Wheeled/Front and rear loaders

  • Telehandlers/ Forklifts

  • Excavators, cranes

  • Transport vehicles/ Trailers/ Transport containers

Harvesting, Lifting, Chopping, Mowing, Combining Harvesting Machinery
Drilling and Sowing Machinery and Equipment Cultivating, Ploughs, Tillage Machinery
  • Seed drills/ Mulch drilling machines

  • Direct seed drills/ Seed drill combinations

  • Planters/ Plot seeders

  • Ploughs/ Subsoilers/ Cultivators

  • Field and crop harrows

  • Rotary tillers/ Rollers

  • Seed-bed combinations

  • PTO driven soil-working machinery

Precision Farming Machinery and Equipment
Irrigation and Drainage Systems
  • Overhead irrigation systems/Drip irrigation

  • Machinery and equipment for drainage

  • Pumps/Piping/Accessories for irrigation and draining

Plant Protection/Fertilizing machines
  • Fertilizer spreaders/Liquid fertilizing

  • Machinery and equipment for chemical/mechanical plant protection

  • Machinery and equipment for conditioning mowed material

  • Storage machinery and equipment

Renewable Energy Harvesting, Conditioning, Transport, Storage
  • Post Harvesting Equipment

  • Packaging Technology

  • Grading & Sorting Machinery

  • Cold chain Equipment

  • Cold room & Refrigeration Appliances

  • Cold storage Machinery

Greenhouses & Equipment Suppliers
Fertilizers, Agro Chemicals and Agriculture Products
  • Fertilizers/Bio-manure/ Liquid Fertilizer Mfrs.

  • Agriculture Seeds Manufacturers /Exporters

  • Agro Chemicals/Pesticides/Insecticides Mfrs.