Opening Ceremony of Agro Myanmar 2017

Opening Ceremony of Agro Myanmar 2017
The 6th International Agrochemical Exhibition & Asia Crop Protection Forum 

The 4th International Exhibition & Conference on Agriculture for Myanmar

Institute of sport and physical education in Mandalay, Mandalay, Myanmar, 20th – 21th June 2017 - Agro Myanmar 2017, the 6th International Agrochemical Exhibition & Southeast Asia Crop Protection Forum (Myanmar) and the 4th International Exhibition & Conference on Agriculture for Myanmar which was organized by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA), China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC), Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producer and Exporter Association and Minh Vi Exhibition & Advertisement Services Co., Ltd (VEAS), starts with strong attendance and business opportunities. Agriculture experts and exhibitors confirmed that this is the best marketplace and international business platform for Myanmar markets.
Agro Myanmar 2017 has gained the great supported from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Myanmar; Myanmar Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Producer and Exporter Association; Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council of India (Chemexcil); Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association Of India (PMFAI) and all related industrial trade associations. Myanmar is an agricultural country, and the agriculture sector is the backbone of its economy. The agriculture sector contributes to 37.8 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), accounts for 25 to 30  percent  of total export earnings and employs 70 percent of the labour force, Agro Myanmar is ready to drive Myanmar agriculture industry in a part of stimulate more investment, more new business and continue to support existing players to grow up better compare to previous year and provide the platform for international expertise to meet with local expectation. This is time to find new challenge and meet new clients, right buyer, and open new opportunities for business cooperation networking, potential market entry, as well as for exchanging useful information and innovative ideas.
Agro Myanmar 2017 is the first ever biggest edition with more than 3.000sqm display. We have about 90 top exhibitors, from Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, India, Netherlands … They showcase latest technologies and products in agro-chemicals, fertilizer, pesticide and crop protection including insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, plant growth regulator, insecticides. In this edition, Agro Myanmar also welcomes visitors include around 80% from local and 20% from international with total estimated of closed 2.000 trade visitors.
Seminar program running alongside with the exhibition named Southeast Asia Crop Protection Forum presented by professionals in the industry from China, India, Myanmar provide attendees with valuable information to improve their operations, include: “Introducing the agrichemical registrationprocedure/Introducing crop distribution and crop protection situation in Myanmar”,“Overview of agrochemicals production in China and analysis of export to Southeast Asia from China”, “The pesticide and fertilizer use on Fruit,Flower and vegetable in Myanmar” ,“Introduction of rice and other main crop distribution in Myanmar” ,“Fertilizer usage  and market in Myanmar”,” New type fertilizers applied experiences on Muskmelon in Mandalay and Saggaing State”, “The disease ,insects and the solutions of the mango and avocado in Myanmar”, “Report of NAB”.
This is good opportunities for agriculture people to update about the new technologies with international experts as well as gaining deep insight about Myanmar agriculture.
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