Agri Cambodia

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Show Date
14th- 15th November 2018
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Net space
Target Visitor
2,500 Trade & Professional Visitors
Open hours
9:00 – 17:00
Agri Cambodia is in conjunction with Livestock, and Aqua fisheries Expo. This is The cooperation of 3 related fields in 1 ideal showcase

About Cambodia
-          Capital : Phnom Penh, Cambodia
-          Population: 15.33 million ( 2014)
-          Area: 181,035 km2 ( 2,5% water)
-          GDP: $ 16.71 billion ( current US$)
-          80% of the population lives in rural areas
-          Agriculture is their majority
-          Membership : UN, IMF, WTO, ASEAN
Why Cambodia:
-          100% Foreign ownership
-          Does not require investors have a local partner
-          Open economy, No Capital Gain Tax
-          Among Asia lowest work force with young and energetic
-          Lower costs in telecoms and internet
-          Have price advantage
-          No price controls on products and services
-          Agriculture Chemicals, Machinery import are increasing
The ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries highly committed in the implementation of the Agricultural Sector Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 with high expectation of result : Reduce poverty, assure food security and safety through Cambodian agricultural modernization as fasten speed and new scope approaches, in the purpose of promoting the development of agriculture of agriculture economic and exportation of agricultural product, along with the natural resources conservation in a sustainable manner.

What to expect in Agri Cambodia:
-          The biggest international exhibition for Agriculture industry in Cambodia
-          Business Matching between the Suppliers and Distributors
-          Professional Conference / Seminar
-          New technologies, exchanging information, new product launches


Exhibitor Benefits:
Free listing on show preview and show directory
Free visit tour
Free seminar attendance
Free entry badge and opening ceremony invitation




Add: 08th Floor, Room 805, Ha Do Building, 02 Hong Ha Str., Ward 02, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC, VietNam
Tel: +84 28 3848 8561/ 8562/ 8563
Fax: +84 28 3848 8564

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